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Re HaRe Video

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Spanish teachers and students talking about the Re-HaRe project:

Southampton Event – June 2019:

In the second cycle of the collaborative action research of the Re_HaRe project, during the academic year 2018-2019, a total of six schools in Southampton implemented the Inclusive Inquiry Approach. At the end of the academic year, two of the schools (Wordsworth Primary School and Shirley Infants) participated in an event at the University of Southampton, where 80 teacher trainees participated and had the opportunity to hear first hand experiences from the teachers that implemented the approach in their schools, as well as from primary school children that became researchers.
Watch here the full event:

Some of the comments from teacher trainees were:
“It was a fantastic session. Every part of it was purposeful and relevant to our teaching practice and it influenced my teaching philosophies.”
“I thought the session was excellent. It was brilliant to have teachers and pupils in telling their experiences. It was fantastic to put questions to the children and they were great characters. It inspired me to want to open a dialogue with my new class”.
“The research was clearly explained by the teachers and researchers and the children spoke confidently and clearly! This was one of my favourite sessions of the year!”
“Very enlightening. I was impressed with the children and the impact it seems to have had on them. The schools involved are clearly passionate about the project and overall it was something that I will certainly look to be using in some way in the future.”