Welcome to the website of Re_HaRe project: ‘Reaching the hard to reach: inclusive responses to diversity through child-teacher dialogue’, 2017-2020, funded by the European Union, Erasmus+, Key Action 2, School Education Strategic Partnerships, Development of Innovation.   The project involved partners, universities and primary schools, from five countries: Austria, Denmark, England, Portugal and Spain.

The central purpose of this three-year project was to develop effective strategies for including all children in lessons, particularly those who might be seen as ‘hard to reach’.  The ideas from our project will be useful to teachers, students, school leaders, policy makers and researchers who want to promote inclusive education.

The project objectives were addressed through the use of an innovative approach, Inclusive Inquiry (Messiou and Ainscow, 2020). This was developed through an earlier EU funded project and further refined to be used in this project. The earlier project involved work in secondary schools, whereas this new project was located in primary schools, a gap identified in relation to student voice work.

Explore our website to find out more!(https://reachingthehardtoreach.eu/publication/)