Country Multiplier Events

Portugal (online) – 23rd October 2020:

Spain (online) – 5th November 2020Watch the webinar below:

Austria – 12th November 2020:

England (online) – 26th November 2020 – Watch part of the webinar below:

Denmark – 10th December 2020:

Selected other Conferences:

•    Presentation: Styrian inclusive education network followed by discussion, 14/3/2018, (joint presentation University of Graz and Vollsschule Schonau)

 •    Seven regional presentations have been made in Spain: 17/03/2018 Santiago de Compostela; 17/04/2018, Gobierno de Navarra; 05/05/20; Generalitat de Catalunya; 12/05/2018 Leon; 19/05/2018; Madrid; 26/05/2018 Vigo; 27/10/2018

•    Presentation (virtual): “4th International Congress between education and health. Utopias and challenges of inclusion”, 10/08/2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina

•    Symposium: European Conference of Educational Research, ECER 2018, Bolzano, Italy – Symposium title: “Inclusive Responses to Diversity through Child-Teacher Dialogue”, 5/9/2018 (EU and international level). The symposium included the following papers: –    Finding Ways of Reaching Those Seen As ‘Hard To Reach’, Kiki Messiou (University of Southampton), Mel Ainscow (University of Manchester) –    Implementing The ‘Inclusive Inquiry’ Model, Cecilia Simon (Autonoma University of Madrid), Kiki Messiou (University of Southampton), –    Determining The Impact: What Have We Learnt So Far?, Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera (University of Graz), Lisa Paleczek (Catholic University College for Education Graz), Edvina Bešić (University of Graz)

•    Presentation by Cecilia Simon: national conference on inclusive education, Guayaquil, Ecuador, 23-24/10/2018

•    An invitation from Soroptimist Internacional Clube of Tavira, in a partnership between the University of Algarve and Tavira’s county library Álvaro de Campos. A cycle of four colloquiums on “Good Practices in Education” – (joint presentation University of Algrarve and AEPROSA, 24/10/2018

•    Meeting: Rede Inclusão (Inclusion Network), Lisbon, 27/10/2018

 •    ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) Social Sciences Festival –joint event University of Southampton and Wordsworth Primary School, 8/11/2018

•    Presentation: Conference “Inclusion: One way trip” 19/11/2018, Madrid Local Authority (Moncloa district), Madrid, SpainInvited Conference (Cecilia Simón) Building Inclusive Educational Communities at Centro de Formación y Recursos de Vigo (26 May 2018)

•    Presentation: Messiou, K. and Mitchell, B. (2019) “Reaching the ‘hard to reach’ through child-teacher dialogue” at the Inclusion Conference: This is me!, Portswood Teaching School Alliance, 11th January 2019

  • Presentation at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference 2019 – Messiou, K. (2019) Primary School Children as Co-researchers: Reaching Those Seen as ‘Hard to Reach’, AERA, Toronto, 7th April 2019.
  • Roundtable presentation at American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference 2019 – the Messiou, K. and Ainscow, M. (2019)Child-teacher Dialogue as a Stimulus for Professional Learning: an International Study, AERA, Toronto, 6th April 2019.
  • Presentation – Messiou, K. and Galbally, L. (2019) “Reaching the ‘hard to reach’: an international collaborative action research project” – 22nd May 2019, Hong Kong Delegation.
  • Invited Conference (Cecilia Simón) Inclusive Education and Practices. Counting on all people to change the world in COCEMFE (Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic Disabilities) Conference (Madrid, June 21, 2019)
  • Presentation at the British Educational Research Association (BERA) Conference (2019) –SIG (Inclusive Education) Best Paper Award (2019) for the Special Interest Group (Inclusive Education) – Messiou, K. (2019) Reaching out to all children through dialogues in schools, Paper presentation, BERA, University of Manchester, 12th September 2019.
  • Presentation at the European Conference of Educational Research (ECER) Paleczek, L., Bešic, E. and Gasteiger-Klicpera, B., (2019) Reaching the ‘hard to reach’: inclusive responses to diversity in Austrian primary school lessons.
  • Presentations and workshop at Stanford University (USA) after invitation to present the work of the project – October 2019 – Messiou, K., Page, R., Galbally, L., Harvey, E. and Walsh, L. (Wordsworth primary school)
  • Invited Conference (Cecilia Simón) Building inclusive leadership,aimed at the training of school principals (4 December 2019) at Centro de Profesorado Oviedo
  • Messiou, K.  (2020) – “Inclusive Inquiry: Reaching the ‘hard to reach’ through child-teacher dialogue” Workshop at the national conference “Towards More Inclusive Education”, Netherlands, 12th February 2020
  • Presentation at the Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA) Conference 2020 (Network for Inclusive Education)-  Hedegaard-Sørensen, L. & Penthin Grumloese, (2020). Paper: How can dialogues between teachers and children improve teaching? University of Helsinki, 3/3-6/3/2020.
  • Paper accepted for presentation at AERA (2020) – Messiou, K. (2020) Children becoming Researchers: Empowering Individuals through Collaborative Action Research, San Francisco, April 2020 –conference cancelled due to Covid-19
  • Paper accepted for presentation at AERA (2020) – Messiou, K. and Ainscow, M. (2020) Child-teacher Dialogue: a Strategy for Facilitating Professional Learning in Schools, San Franciso, April 2020 – conference cancelled due to Covid-19
  • Gerardo Echeita and Cecilia Simón were invited to participate in the Seminar (online)  “Developing inclusive practices through classroom studies: Results of a collaborative professional learning experience in schools in Peñalolén” organised by Universidad Central de Chile and Corporación Municipal de Peñalolén (15 December 2020)
  • Symposium accepted at European Conference of Educational Research (ECER) 2020 – Title: “Primary school children becoming researchers: the use of Inclusive Inquiry” – The symposium consisted of three papers (Messiou, K. Ainscow, M., (2020) Inclusive Inquiry: a new approach for promoting inclusion in education;  Simon, C.  Paleczek, L. (2020) Inclusive Inquiry in action; Determining the impact Gasteiger-Klicpera, B., Besic, E. and Ainscow, M.) conference cancelled due to Covid-19
  • Mel Ainscow (methodological consultant of the project) included accounts of the project in presentations over the three years (2017-2020) at conferences in Belgium, Chile, Ecuador, Ireland, Italy, London, Nottingham, Oman, Scotland, Sweden, The Netherlands and Wales. He also reported the findings of the research at a UNICEF conference in Latin America (October,2020), The World Education Leadership Symposium (September, 2020), and a conference of the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (February, 2020).